Private messages
Private files
Private world
Private messages
Private files
Private world

Enter a private world

A place to communicate and store information that matters—securely and easily.

LockDown Business

Customizable to fit your unique needs and perfected for maximum efficiency, privacy and control.

Enter a
private world.

LockDown is an all-in-one platform for private communication, controlled document sharing, and secure file storage.

Breakthrough privacy technology

Beyond end to end encryption

Every message, every file, every time.

Password-free authentication

Multi-factor, phish proof, easy to use.

Containerized environment

Nothing leaves unless you say so.

…for those who need it most.

Executive Teams

Company strategy
Investor and board relations
Forecasting and reporting


Internal investigations
Hiring and firing
Benefits and compensation


Contract negotiations
Maintaining privilege

IT & Security Teams

Incident response
Business continuity
Vendor management

Enforce policy through tech, not trust.

Our technology eliminates the risk of human behavior. You no longer need to rely on written agreements or blind trust to protect your information.

Prevent exfiltration and data leaks.

Your information cannot be exported or otherwise shared unless expressly permitted, ensuring your data never travels beyond your reach.

Secure identity & access control.

Your account credentials are stored safely on your smartphone, preventing phishing attacks and unauthorized sharing.

Your content belongs to your business.

Hierarchical, role-based permissions give you the power to decide what your team members can and cannot access, or do, within LockDown.

Ready to make your business more secure?