Ever sent something you wish you could take back?

Message and share documents privately and securely, while maintaining complete control

- even after you click "send" 

Powerful control made easy.

Permanently erase messages and documents from all devices - including your recipient's devices.

Prohibit others from downloading, printing, forwarding, copying and pasting.

Add custom watermarks on anything you send, including your recipient’s name and phone number or a custom message.

Fiercely safeguard your most sensitive information.

LockDown empowers you to control information shared within your company, among colleagues, with external partners and even other companies.


  • Messages and documents are encrypted - including on your recipient's device.

  • Unauthorized use is prevented - there are no passwords to share.

  • Screenshots are blocked (Windows PC) or notifications are delivered (iOS and Android).


LockDown creates the most highly-secure environment to protect your confidential documents and intellectual property so you never have to wonder what happens to the information you share.

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Always safe. Always secure.

Your communication is entirely private. Since LockDown doesn’t host your keys, we can’t read your messages or attachments – and no one else can either.


8,000-bit encryption safeguards everything, everywhere.


LockDown security doesn’t just meet today’s needs – we’ve created an entirely new standard.

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Rosetta uses proprietary, advanced artificial intelligence to model and predict asset prices. LockDown solves a critical security problem.  

- Angelo Calvello, Founder, Rosetta Analytics

Share safely. Never lose digital control.