Finally, I’m in Control

We’ve all been in situations where we need to send someone a file that contains personal or confidential information, but we find ourselves hesitating before clicking send. Thoughts such as “I don’t really know this person,” or “what if I don’t want them to have my stuff anymore” run through our head, leaving us feeling uneasy.
Perhaps you’re sending a form that asked for your birth date, social security number, income, values of assets, etc. Maybe it’s your business plan that you have poured months or years into writing. It could just be something that you simply don’t want to end up in the wrong hands.
In today’s world, sharing is easy. Too easy. Once you’ve shared your important file, you no longer have control. The recipient is now in control and makes decisions on how to handle YOUR data.
   · They can share it with other people or companies (intentionally or accidentally).
   · They can print or save your file insecurely (likely saved to the cloud).
   · They can keep it forever, and you can’t take it back.
With LockDown, YOU control who can see your files and what they can do with them.
   · Only the intended recipient can see your file.
   · Control what intended recipients can do with your file (view only, print, etc.).
   · Watermark your file with your information and/or the recipient’s name.
   · Forwarded files can’t be viewed by unauthorized recipients.
   · Revoke the recipient’s access to your file at any time. They will no longer be able to view your file even if they’ve saved a copy.
Moral of the Story
Never Concede Control. With LockDown, go about your daily routine knowing that you don’t have to feel uneasy when sharing important files or documents.


About LockDown
LockDown is pioneering a new standard for digital privacy, identity and data control. The first product available to the public, LockDown, is a secure communications app that enables surgical control and leading-edge security of digital information. Built upon patented 8,192-bit Atomization™ encryption and proprietary key handling technologies, LockDown delivers a zero-knowledge, zero-trust, password-less environment where messages and files can be shared safely with internal colleagues or external partners. LockDown ensures that security, privacy, permissions and access controls persist at all times, so you no longer have to choose between protecting your data and sharing it. For additional information, visit
For press and interview requests, please email [email protected] or call 1-833-LOCKDOWN (1-833-562-5369).

A.J. Auld is the CEO of LockDown, an all-in-one platform to safely store, share and communicate with complete privacy. Prior to LockDown, A.J. founded several successful companies including Distributed Alpha, a cryptocurrency investment firm; Bright Discounts, a fundraising company; and Titanium Lacrosse, a sports management company, which was acquired in 2015. A.J was a Columbus Business First “Forty under 40” awardee and earned a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Miami University.

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