LockDown launches its highly anticipated app for Android users

Columbus, Ohio, September 26, 2019 – LockDown, a disruptive company that is pioneering a new standard for data control and digital ownership, today announced that its LockDown app is available for Android users.
The app is currently free for individual users and can be downloaded in the Google PlayStore. The enhanced version is also available on a subscription basis for companies in the manufacturing, technology, business and financial services industries—basically any business that needs to share and control communications, internal or external.
“LockDown enables complete privacy, powerful security and unprecedented control of digital information,” explains CEO AJ Auld. “Now businesses can collaborate safely – sharing confidential files and private communication – without exposure to security risks posed by employees, partners, suppliers and customers. Even better, it’s incredibly easy to use.”
Leading-edge key handling technology works behind the scenes to ensure that only intended recipients may access data and access can be revoked at any time. Since LockDown operates in a secure, password-less environment, data cannot be downloaded or shared with unauthorized parties. There are no passwords to share, phish, steal or mismanage.
“LockDown provides you with valuable intel regarding your most sensitive information,” adds CTO Eric Parker. “After you share a file, you’ll have a full audit trail and usage visibility. Messages and documents are secured when at rest, in transit and in use. Once a file is in LockDown, the security persists across networks, storage, endpoints or in the cloud. Also, LockDown operates in zero-knowledge, meaning even we can’t see your data.”
“We’re very excited to be launching the Android version of LockDown,” says Annie Cute, business development manager. “The market response already has been extremely positive, and the Android app compliments our iOS (iPhone) and Windows apps.”


About LockDown
LockDown is pioneering a new standard for digital privacy, identity and data control. The first product available to the public, LockDown, is a secure communications app that enables surgical control and leading-edge security of digital information. Built upon patented 8,192-bit Atomization™ encryption and proprietary key handling technologies, LockDown delivers a zero-knowledge, zero-trust, password-less environment where messages and files can be shared safely with internal colleagues or external partners. LockDown ensures that security, privacy, permissions and access controls persist at all times, so you no longer have to choose between protecting your data and sharing it. For additional information, visit
For press and interview requests, please email or call 1-833-LOCKDOWN (1-833-562-5369).

A.J. Auld, CEO of LockDown, is a versatile entrepreneur, experienced in turning complex technologies into successful businesses. At LockDown, A.J. is bringing revolutionary encryption technology to market in the form of an intuitive, easy-to-use communication platform for sharing confidential information with more control and security than ever before. Prior to LockDown, A.J. founded several successful companies including Distributed Alpha, a Blockchain/cryptocurrency investment firm; Bright Discounts, a fundraising company; and Titanium Lacrosse, a sports management company, which was acquired in 2015. A.J is a Columbus Business First “Forty under 40” awardee and received a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Miami University.

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