One Day in Times Square

By Rick McKenna
February 8, 2019
Over the past 30 years, I’ve worked mostly in the advertising and marketing agency world, and of course being in New England, launching many amazing “high tech” companies. For better or worse, the advertising industry has evolved where once every campaign started with the big creative idea.
Unfortunately, over the years, that big creative concept has taken a back seat. Clients demanded change and suddenly websites took center stage, and the more complex the better. Rapid evolution continues to this day with mobile marketing, geo-fencing, SEO & SEM, and now simple and responsive websites are the norm. Creative continues to take a backseat. One just has to look at the Super Bowl where once there was palpable excitement as companies competed on the giant TV stage for creative greatness – – now most ads are shot with a vanilla gun.
Throughout the years, another area of change has been the need for data security. In a hotel room in Times Square filled with journalists, I worked with Tokyo-based Clarion to launch the world’s first wireless LAN transceiver, a whopping 10 mps! Although technically challenging to build, it was simple to use. We had separate hotel rooms with no cables connecting them and watched two PCs very slowly exchange a file. I recall a top journalist in the room instantly understanding the importance of wireless connectivity but only if it became portable. A real visionary for sure! He also thought someone would figure out how to steal the files as they flew through the air. And the data security race began in earnest.
A day doesn’t go by without a news story about stolen passwords, data breaches, identity theft, ransomware attacks, viruses and worms, malware, etc. Products abound to detect, block and contain these digital threats each more expensive and complex than the next.
Like websites shedding complexity for ease-of-use and the power of wireless computing now in everyone’s hands, the next evolution in data security is here empowering users to take back their privacy. LockDown is moving the industry away from cumbersome and complex to powerful and super easy to use. This we believe will be the hallmark to user adoption – – if it’s easy they will come.
For example, instead of using vulnerable passwords, LockDown has a proprietary “scan-in” technology that uses your mobile device for identification eliminating the need to remember, risk losing or reusing the same passwords. Once signed on, using familiar drag and drop techniques, your files are copied, encrypted and are now safe when they are in use, in transit or in storage, even in the cloud. Your file can be securely sent to intended recipients for viewing on their devices within the LockDown app. Only your intended recipients can view the file(s) you send and you can revoke their access at any time. You can even control permissions on how the recipient can use the file – such as sharing, restricting printing, copying and adding viewing time limits. Powerful but easy to use.
I’m not sure if that journalist in the Times Square hotel room those many years ago knew how prescient he was. The mobile devices now in everyone’s hands are being used to help stop the threat when your files travel through the air (or through copper or glass for that matter) anywhere in the world. And to bring everything full circle, it took creative genius to envision and develop a powerful yet simple product like a wireless LAN transceiver and now a simple privacy and control product like LockDown.


About LockDown
LockDown is pioneering a new standard for digital privacy, identity and data control. The first product available to the public, LockDown, is a secure communications app that enables surgical control and leading-edge security of digital information. Built upon patented 8,192-bit Atomization™ encryption and proprietary key handling technologies, LockDown delivers a zero-knowledge, zero-trust, password-less environment where messages and files can be shared safely with internal colleagues or external partners. LockDown ensures that security, privacy, permissions and access controls persist at all times, so you no longer have to choose between protecting your data and sharing it. For additional information, visit
For press and interview requests, please email or call 1-833-LOCKDOWN (1-833-562-5369).

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