Q&A with Bret Adams, Agent to Entertainment and Sports Celebrities

Bret Adams is an accomplished lawyer practicing for nearly 35 years. He represents national celebrities, and has appeared on CNN, ESPN, CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC.
Having negotiated some of the highest paid professional sports contracts in history, Bret specializes in professional service contracts for players, coaches, broadcasters, corporate officers and general managers.
Currently, Bret represents high profile individuals in the entertainment and sports arenas, and is a sought after commentator on issues involving entertainment, sports and legal ethics.
We recently sat down with Bret to talk about client privacy.
How do you protect your client’s privacy?
First and foremost, I do everything I can to make sure my own devices are secure. I have a lot of confidential client data including social security numbers, bank statements, contracts, etc. My clients have complete trust in me. It’s up to me to keep their information safe.
What challenges do you face to protect client information?
A big part of my job is the need to share information. This is challenging because there must be some level of trust with the other party before I hit “send”. It’s so easy to forward emails and share documents with today’s technology.
For example, I was recently working on The Columbus Ticket Tax opposition. I sent a strategic document to a group of people, and the next thing I know, someone forwarded my file to Columbus City Council. The subject of my email said, “DO NOT SHARE”. I guess that doesn’t always work.
That’s a great example. Do any other instances come to mind?
I have so many examples of the need to control information. When I represent athletes and we make a proposal to a team, we can’t have that document being leaked to the media or shared with other teams. After an agreement as been met with a player and a team, I don’t want the teams we didn’t go with to hang on to the details of that negotiation. It would be great to be able to take back our information at any time.
The other thing to consider is ensuring complex legal documents don’t get manipulated. Language needs to stay the same and saving a file as a PDF no longer cuts it. There’s always the fear that someone will try to change contractual language under the radar. These are some of the important things that I pay attention to so I can protect client data.


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