The Digital Perimeter No Longer Has Borders

The concept of “protecting the digital perimeter” is no longer an effective way for businesses and governments to safeguard confidential information. Thanks to our new world of mobility and cloud computing, the way people share information has changed. With business taking place in coffee shops, on airplanes, subways and even while at the beach, the “perimeter” has no bounds.
A study released by Zug, found that 70 percent of professionals work remotely- at least one day a week, while 53 percent work remotely for at least half of the week. The trend will continue to rise and the way we protect our intellectual property needs to change.
There are many strategies used to combat data theft and misuse, but almost all of them can be circumvented or have gaps. One of LockDown’s core values is the importance of file encryption. However, not all encryption methods are created equal.
Encrypting Drive Systems
Don’t get me wrong, encrypting your drive system can be effective at preventing unauthorized access to data storage. If your computer gets stolen or left on an airplane, you’ll be glad your data is safe. This method however, does you no good as it relates to sharing files with other people, or storing your plain text documents in the cloud.
Email Encryption Tools
Talk about a false sense of security! I am constantly being asked to send my information via a “secure or encrypted email.” Sure, my most sensitive information is being protected from point A to point B, but what happens after the recipient downloads my document? They then can do whatever they want with it while the plain-text version sits in their downloads folder or wherever else they store or send it.
Traditional File Encryption
While LockDown believes in file based encryption, traditional tools are often too complicated and cumbersome to use. Whey they aren’t abandoned (which is often the case), they are often still ineffective because they rely on passwords, which can be shared, stolen, phished or forgotten. Also, once the recipient has your file and the password, you have lost control of your file forever.
LockDown File Encryption & Control
LockDown is on a mission to help people Take Back Their Privacy by offering an easy to use, ultra-secure app that allows you to retain control of your digital property (files, photos, etc) even after they’ve been shared.
How does LockDown Stack Up?
LockDown vs. Drive Encryption
LockDown provides all of the benefits of drive encryption because each file is independently encrypted, but also protects your files with security that security travels with them – no matter where they go. Files on LockDown can be stored on your computer or in the cloud, and can be emailed or shared through the cloud.
LockDown vs. Email Encryption Tools
Email encryption only protects from point A to B; LockDown persistently protects files at ALL times. LockDown’s protection is so comprehensive that you can may share files using any email system or cloud environment. Since they file is encrypted, you don’t have to worry about the channel it is sent through.
LockDown vs. Traditional File Encryption
Unlike traditional file encryption tools that are clunky and hard to use, LockDown is easy and intuitive. With LockDown’s patented passwordless system, you control who can open your files and can revoke privileges at any time. You maintain complete control over you files no matter where they are shared or stored.


About LockDown
LockDown is pioneering a new standard for digital privacy, identity and data control. The first product available to the public, LockDown, is a secure communications app that enables surgical control and leading-edge security of digital information. Built upon patented 8,192-bit Atomization™ encryption and proprietary key handling technologies, LockDown delivers a zero-knowledge, zero-trust, password-less environment where messages and files can be shared safely with internal colleagues or external partners. LockDown ensures that security, privacy, permissions and access controls persist at all times, so you no longer have to choose between protecting your data and sharing it. For additional information, visit
For press and interview requests, please email or call 1-833-LOCKDOWN (1-833-562-5369).

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