Working at a Cybersecurity Startup: An Intern Perspective (Pt 2)


LockDown Intern 2020


This May, I had the wonderful opportunity to start a summer internship with LockDown. As a marketing and entrepreneurship major, I was beyond excited to see what marketing looks like at a real startup.

While a completely remote format wasn’t exactly what I expected, I had a more fulfilling experience than I could have predicted. LockDown has given me a summer full of zoom calls, laughter, and learning.

Above all, working in the cybersecurity industry has given me a massive wakeup call about how essential proper cyber hygiene is to the success of a modern business.

Working for a startup during a global pandemic has been a firsthand lesson on scrappiness and adaptability. LockDown has taken advantage of 2020’s constraints in many ways, which is a testament to the strength of our leadership team.

While the new normal has closed many doors, it allowed LockDown to expand our office from our base in Columbus to the entire United States.

The talent comprising our business and development team now stretches across regions and state lines, building a remote foundation that represents the future of post-COVID business in America. 

Although I haven’t met my coworkers in person, LockDown’s team has a special sense of community that seems impossible on a virtual level. Since working at LockDown, I’ve learned that building virtual comradery is simple. Prioritizing people is the key, and that is something LockDown does incredibly well. Every morning our business team hops on a call to share “what’s good” in our lives.

From my very first day I felt welcomed and valued by every member of our team, and this atmosphere has molded my internship experience in a hugely positive way.

As for the learning, I have come out of this summer with a growing list of skills that are unique to a LockDown internship.  When most people think of an internship, coffee runs and busy work immediately come to mind. As an intern at LockDown, I feel like a seamless part of the team. I’ve been able to speak one-on-one with many of my team members, my questions have been welcomed and my learning is prioritized. 

Furthermore, the work I complete has been tangible, concrete and directly impactful to our company. Not only can I create my own projects, but I am able to see the impact of my work firsthand. Lead research, social media, and QA testing are just a few areas where I’ve seen my skills bloom this summer. I’m more confident as a young professional than ever before, and that is directly related to LockDown’s distinctive growth minded environment.

Before starting at LockDown, I knew very little about the importance of cybersecurity. The team was eager to help me learn about the industry and LockDown’s mission. As the summer comes to a close, I have become passionate about the importance of cybersecurity and data ownership. 

LockDown’s message is one I fully subscribe to: your data belongs to you. You have a right to your data, and that right is unalienable. Sharing your data does not mean you forgo that right, and that is the reason our platform exists. We side with the people, and LockDown exists to protect these rights for everyone. LockDown is people centered, inside and out. That’s why I love LockDown, and a huge reason why this internship has been so impactful. 

My advice? If you want to be heard, respected, and have the opportunity to work alongside the cutting edge of cybersecurity, intern with LockDown. This summer has been inexplicably transformative for me as a person and professional, and I have LockDown to thank.

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