Working at a Cybersecurity Startup: An Intern Perspective

Ari Kesler

LockDown Intern 2020

This past summer I completed an internship with LockDown, “an all-in-one platform to easily store, share & communicate confidential or sensitive information with complete control.”
During my first couple of years as an undergraduate student at Kent State University, my professors made it abundantly clear that internship experience of some kind was crucial to have prior to searching for a career.
With a highly competitive job market, I realized that it is not only important to have experience, but to make sure that it aligns with your field of study and post graduation goals.
This opportunity to intern with LockDown has proven to be an experience that complimented my efforts at Kent State, and has certainly contributed to my professional goals and aspirations. 
I started working for LockDown in May of 2020. Given that LockDown is a younger startup, the work environment was very special. It was incredibly easy to get familiar with my coworkers, their positions, and how they individually were contributing to this exciting venture.
My mornings began with a daily Zoom call with the business team to discuss our goals for the day and host a general “catch up” with everyone.
Within this virtual meeting we would conduct a “What’s Good?” segment to share something positive that has occurred in our daily lives, stepping back and focusing on the general well being of each other prior to the start of our busy days.
In addition to this, I joined our weekly full-team meeting with the technical/engineering side of the business. It was quite interesting to see how the engineering department is run, and how they continuously develop the product more and more each day. These team meetings kept everyone connected and informed.
During my time at LockDown, I was given the opportunity to write a series of blog posts, highlighting current events surrounding cyber security. This not only benefited my writing skills, but also helped me stay up to date with everything going on within the industry.
I learned how incredibly important it is to stay current with the news surrounding your line of work, and this helped me understand that, and made writing my blogs much easier.
Also, I was granted access to LockDowns company accounts such as Twitter & LinkedIn with the intention to interact with top technology influencers to create strong relationships and showcase LockDown and how we can help solve the largest of security related issues.
Through these relationships, our follower count and engagement from others began to grow and as we interact daily, we continue to contribute to this growth. Making sure we put maximum effort into marketing to help expose / raise awareness for LockDown is how we will continue this growth. 
My Summer at LockDown helped me grow in so many different ways. I gained a variety of new skills and learned the importance of personalized marketing, constant communication, and the value of teamwork. I also gained a whole new perspective on the importance of securing your information and communicating on a secure messaging platform like LockDown when storing or sharing your valuable information. 
Given that LockDown is a startup growing everyday this internship was very unique. It allowed me to become more connected with my coworkers and demonstrated how much LockDown cares for their team members, and helping others take back control of their data.
I couldn’t be happier with my experience interning at LockDown. I am thankful for all that I have learned and for the people I had the pleasure to work alongside.
I was given the opportunity to continue  my internship with LockDown through Fall 2020 and I am so excited to further my knowledge and be a part of LockDown helping others keep their valuable data more safe and secure than ever before.

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