LockDown reimagines private communication. You no longer need separate platforms for secure messaging, secure file sharing, and day to day communication. Vaults and Direct Messages enable you to experience complete control, privacy and, security for all of your communications, on one platform.


A secure, private, containerized environment for collaboration

Bringing together the right people – inside and/or outside your company – to collaborate on a topic or project so that they can share ideas and make decisions.

Moderators can easily control permissions and user access. Also, an immutable audit log records who accessed documents and at what time.

Contributors message and share documents fluidly while LockDown’s proprietary technology works automatically in the background to ensure complete control of data.

Direct Messages

One-to-one or small group messaging

Conduct side-bar conversations in private without disrupting a Vault.

Direct messages remain controlled and visible to the business, thereby protecting against user error and data exfiltration.

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