LockDown Features

Built for Business

By default, files are watermarked with the name and phone number of the recipient, deterring from leakage or creative capture. Custom watermarks can also be added for extra security.

All files on LockDown have an immutable audit log that enables you to keep tabs on who has viewed your files, and when. Additionally, if you permitted file export and printing, these actions will appear in the log.

Set permissions to allow certain roles to permanently destroy messages and files. Need an audit trail? Our archive feature has you covered.

Set expirations on your messages and files to ensure your information auto-self destructs whenever you need it to.

Hierarchical role-based permissions enable you to control what people in your enterprise environment can do with the information you share. From read-only to full export permissions, there is a role for everyone inside, and outside your organization.

Our patented authentication process does not require usernames and passwords. Instead, your phone is your digital identity, and you use it to scan a QR code (on an extra secure one time pad) to sign in to Desktop. This process is not only effortless, it also prevents phishing attacks and unauthorized account sharing.

Our expertly designed platform is as easy to use as any other messaging or file storage platform you’re used to. Automatic end to end encryption, robust permission controls, and the out-of-band environment take away complexity so your information is alway secure and controlled, without any hassle.

Privacy by Design

LockDown gives your company a private world in which you control everything. This secure container prevents any unintended syncing to other systems, ensuring your messages and files never leave your purview without authorization. Having an out-of-band environment gives you complete visibility of the communications happening within your company account.

LockDown is protected by AES-256 encryption, the universal standard. In addition, all messages and files are encrypted locally on user devices and are protected the entire time they are in-transit to their intended recipients.

LockDown is a content zero-knowledge system, enforced with end-to-end encryption, data-centric-security, and out-of-band key sharing. Each piece of user added data is uniquely encrypted with its own key and the keys are shared and managed such that our system never has access to them.

LockDown employs a zero-trust security model designed to minimize the trust that your business needs to place on devices, networks and people.

Account credentials (encryption keys) are safely stored on each user’s smartphone instead of one centralized location. This decentralized identity system significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

Each user is strongly encouraged to print and safely store their account backup key so they can reconstitute their account should they get a new phone or otherwise lose access.

View files containing sensitive information and communicate privately with trusted parties from your phone or computer without concern. Since all data is end-to-end encrypted and plain text never hits the airwaves, you can safely access your data anywhere you have a cellular or WiFi connection.