Business Continuity &
Incident response

Your Challenge

It’s important to have a pre-established secure communication plan that enables your team, as well as external parties, to collaborate quickly and securely during a crisis.

Traditional communication channels (email, text, team collaboration apps, etc.) may be compromised during an incident and also they lack the security, privacy and access controls that are critical to prudent incident response.

Many incident response plans focus on how to detect, analyze, contain, remedy and reflect on the issue, but they do not address where the digital communication will take place. A secure communication plan is a critical component of an overall incident response strategy.


The Solution

LockDown enables business continuity and secure incident response communication by ensuring that all data is private, secure and within your control.

LockDown is a zero-trust, zero-knowledge environment where the right people – inside and/or outside your company – can safely message and share documents.

Proprietary encryption and key handling technologies automatically enforce your security, access and permissions, providing a containerized, out-of-band place for highly sensitive conversations and file sharing.

With LockDown, your team can communicate confidentially by phone or computer with the peace of mind that all data is private, secure and within your control.

The LockDown app is easy to use and provides:

  • Secure, containerized, out of band communication and document access.
  • A zero-knowledge / zero-trust environment.
  • Automatic encryption and decryption of each message and file.
  • Password-less system – there are no credentials that can be shared or stolen.
  • Ability to quickly create Workspaces for different group conversations.
  • Power to erase or archive conversations and remove people’s access at anytime.

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