Access Control

Your Challenge

On other platforms, when you click send, you lose control. For businesses, email is the most commonly used communication platform. It’s also the most dangerous.

Email continues to be the most common threat vector that cybercriminals exploit, with over 90% of cyber attacks targeting legacy emails systems. A 2019 Cofense report found that 1 in 10 emails contain malware, and more than half of those malicious emails attempt to phish login information from users. Email is also susceptible to simple user error and irresponsible user behavior. 

It’s nearly impossible to know or control if your message will be routed through IT staff, assistants or others that you have not authorized to view your content. It is also very difficult to prevent your intended recipient from forwarding or sharing your information.

The Solution

Through patented technology, LockDown provides an unprecedented level of control over user access.

With LockDown, you can safely communicate and share documents, knowing that only your intended recipients can see your information, giving you strong controls over:

Security – End-to-end encryption (AES-256) protects data across networks and devices

Permissions – You decide what people can do with your data, including whether they can print or export

Privacy – only you and those you choose can see your information. No 3rd parties (including LockDown) can see your data.

These features, inside LockDown’s out-of-band, containerized environment gives your company complete control over user access.

Get complete access control in minutes.