Executive & Board Communication

Your Challenge

Certain topics are too sensitive to communicate through traditional platforms like email, text and team collaboration tools. Confidential documents should be encrypted before being sent and should not be shared through email platforms.

While email, text and team collaboration platforms are viable options for non-sensitive topics and low-value documents, they lack the security, privacy, and control of data that executives need for when the information being shared matters.

It is crucial that sensitive matters related to financing, mergers and acquisitions, human resources, and other topics be discussed privately and securely.


The Solution

LockDown enables executives and board members to message and share documents in a secure, containerized environment that provides you with unprecedented control of your sensitive digital information.

Only the right people – inside and/or outside your company – can collaborate in your corporate LockDown environment. Proprietary technology encrypts and controls access to your messages and data, preventing others from exfiltrating or sharing your sensitive information.

Instead of relying only on written agreements or blind trust, LockDown’s technology enforces your policies – even on your recipient’s devices.

LockDown is easy to use and enables executive and board members to:

  • Discuss sensitive or confidential information such as intellectual property, customer data, and financial information.
  • Communicate privately on HR, M&A and other highly confidential matters.
  • Provide access to information to specific people and for specific periods of time.
  • Control whether data can be downloaded/exported, forwarded, printed or copied – and you can take back your data at any time.
  • Track who views your documents, as well as when and how often, in real time.
  • Safely communicate and access documents while traveling internationally without concern for foreign surveillance.

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Secure your executive and board communications