Human Resources

Your Challenge

Most HR departments need to protect data relating to:

  • hiring/firing/furloughs
  • opening/closing of locations
  • internal investigations
  • compensation/benefits
  • other sensitive topics


91% of data breaches occur at the communication layer. Email is the primary source of risk.


When you use email, you lose control over who can access, print, forward, or copy your information. For example, it’s impossible to know if your emails flow through the recipient’s

  • IT department
  • Assistant
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and other integrated tools like Salesforce, thereby allowing an entire sales team to read your messages and files.

Your Solution

LockDown enables HR teams to communicate internally and externally with the peace of mind that the information you’re sharing is secure, controlled and only accessed by those you expressly permit.

LockDown Provides:

Automatic message and document encryption keeps you secure, your company compliant, and your employees more efficient. 

Granular Permissions allow you to decide

  • Who can access your messages and files
  • How long someone can access your information
  • Whether or not the recipient can print, copy/paste your documents

Zero Knowledge*

  • Your data remains completely private and can only be accessed by you and those you explicitly choose. No 3rd parties (not even LockDown) can see your information.

Zero Trust

  • You shouldn’t have to trust a third party, the platform you’re using, or the cloud with your sensitive information. Use a platform that gives you granular access controls over your data so you can enforce policy through technology, not the other way around.

Technology Enforces Policy

Despite everything you do, you don’t have control over other people. We recommend using technology, rather than policy and trust, to stay in control of your information.

Secure your sensitive information.