IP & Confidential Information

Your Challenge

Every company has crown jewels – Unauthorized access and data leakage of intellectual property, customer data, product details, financials or other sensitive information can be devastating.

However, that sensitive information is often shared with suppliers, partners, vendors or customers.

The Solution

LockDown enables safe collaboration beyond the enterprise borders, so businesses can share sensitive information while maintaining strong controls over:

Security – End-to-end encryption (AES-256) protects data across networks and devices

PermissionsYou decide what people can do with your data, including whether they can print or export

Privacy only you and those you choose can see your information. No 3rd parties (including LockDown) can see your data

With LockDown, you can safely work with internal team members, as well as suppliers, partners, vendors and customers.

LockDown helps multinational manufacturing company, American Showa, secure their most valued information. 

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