IP & Confidential Information

Your Challenge

Every company has crown jewels – sensitive or confidential information such as intellectual property (IP), customer data, product details, financial information and more – that it must protect and control.  Throughout the course of business, that sensitive information must be shared with suppliers, partners, vendors or customers.

There must be a balance between security, control, privacy and the ability to give access, on your terms.

The Solution

LockDown enables safe collaboration beyond the enterprise borders, so businesses can share sensitive information while maintaining strong controls over:

  • Security – persistent 8,192-bit encryption protects data across all devices, including your recipients’.
  • User Access – Smartphone-based identity ensures only intended people may access your data.
  • Permissions – Easy to use file protection settings enforce how recipients may use your data.
  • Privacy – Automatic device-level encryption/decryption lets you use the cloud without sacrificing privacy.

With LockDown, you can safely share the information that matters most with internal team members, as well as suppliers, partners, vendors and customers.

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LockDown helps multi-national manufacturing company, American Show, secure their most valued information. 

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