IT & Security Teams

Your Challenge

Every IT professional knows it’s critical to have a way to communicate among your team, and external parties, quickly and securely. That’s why it’s important to have a pre-established communication plan that enables private, secure and fast communication, especially in the event of an incident.

When incidents occur, traditional communication channels (e.g., email, text, etc.) may be compromised. It’s important for IT security teams to be able to quickly and fluidly communicate, while maintaining privacy and strict control of access to information.

Using consumer based encrypted messaging apps, while well intended, can be dangerous for your business. These apps provide zero visibility to your company and you have no control over who your team is messaging with, or what they’re sharing.

The Solution

LockDown ensures your team’s communication is private, secure, within your control, and visible to your company. 

LockDown is a zero-trust, zero-knowledge* environment where only permitted people – inside and/or outside your company – can message and share documents.

Your privacy and security is automatically enforced by LockDown’s technology, providing you with a containerized, out-of-band place to conduct conversations and share files containing sensitive information.

With LockDown, your team can safely communicate by phone or computer with the peace of mind that everything shared remains private, secure and within your organization’s control. 

The LockDown app is easy to use and provides:

  • Secure, containerized, out-of-band communication and document access.
  • A zero-knowledge* / zero-trust environment.
  • Automatic encryption and decryption of each message and file.
  • Password-less system – there are no credentials that can be shared or stolen.
  • Ability to quickly create Vaults for different group conversations.
  • Power to erase or archive conversations and remove people’s access at anytime.
  • Real-time control over what others can do with your documents (e.g., exporting, copying, printing)

Ready to make your business more secure?