Your Challenge

Legal professionals face a plethora of headaches related to cybersecurity risks.

Not only are new regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and others entering the fore, but existing regulatory bodies, like PCI-DSS, are tightening their requirements. Moreover, various regulatory bodies have conflicting requirements, resulting in added complexity.

Large enterprises face a balance of preventing spoilation while maintaining privacy and control of conversations and documents on sensitive topics, including M&A, investigations, financing and more.

Third-party business partners pose additional risk as the threat landscape evolves. Legacy contracts need reviewing and clear delineation of cybersecurity responsibilities are critical. However, contracts only outline “who shares the blame,” but do nothing to actually prevent malicious malware strains and unauthorized access via one of hundreds of access points to a company’s network.

The Solution

LockDown enables business to maintain compliance, prevent spoilation, block malware and control access to sensitive information. Legal professionals can maintain privilege and visibility into discussions and document activity.

Through an easy to use app that behaves much like text messaging on phones and Slack/Teams on computers, LockDown’s powerful encryption and access control technology works seamlessly in the background to protect your company’s sensitive communication and documents.

Only the right people – inside and/or outside your company – can collaborate in your corporate LockDown environment. Proprietary technology encrypts and controls access to your messages and data, preventing others from exfiltrating or sharing your sensitive information.

Instead of relying only on written agreements or blind trust, LockDown’s technology enforces your policies – even on your recipient’s devices.

LockDown is easy to use and enables businesses to:

  • Maintain compliance with regulations – both current and projected – through technology that encrypts every message and document, ensures end-to-end encryption for all communication, restricts access on a need-to-know basis, and provides comprehensive audit logs of user activity.
  • Discuss sensitive or confidential information such as intellectual property, customer data, HR, M&A, financial information, and other matters in a contained, out-of-band environment.
  • Provide access to information to specific people and for specific periods of time.
  • Control whether data can be downloaded/exported, forwarded, printed or copied – and you can take back your data at any time.
  • Track who views your documents, as well as when and how often, in real time.
  • Safely communicate and access documents while traveling internationally without concern for foreign surveillance.

Secure your sensitive information.