Usage Visibility

The Challenge

Your business may already be considering encrypted messaging to protect your sensitive information, but if you need full visibility, record retention, prevention against spoliation, and to meet compliance standards, you need a tool with both end-to-end encryption and usage visibility. 

Using an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform without this visibility can present dangerous exfiltration risks and leave your business completely in the dark about what’s happening with the sensitive information your employees send and share. 

What can Usage Visibility do for your Business?

Records Retention-  While there are a myriad of ways to handle internal file retention, it’s almost impossible to enforce these schedules after you’ve shared a document externally.

Spoliation of Data Prevention Companies that must prevent spoliation of data face serious consequences by using ephemeral messaging.

Compliance- Documenting and maintaining accurate records is critical for meeting today’s compliance regulations. 

Breach Identification: Breaches are rarely identified immediately. It can take months or even years to identify what information was compromised. Usage Visibility ensures you know if your information has been compromised. 

Visibility- Knowing what happens with your data after it’s been shared is critical for your business. This includes how many times it’s been viewed, if it’s been exported, or printed

The Solution: The Immutable Audit Log

In addition to providing unprecedented security, access, permission control, and privacy, LockDown ensures that data can be effortlessly created, traced and retained.

The immutable audit log keeps you informed on who viewed your files and at what time. If you have permitted exporting and printing, you’ll know when those functions happen too.

LockDown’s immutable audit logs are especially useful in regulated industries that must prove or disprove who has accessed sensitive data.

In some instances, LockDown has been able to provide critical information whether a breach has or has not happened, based on who has viewed (or not viewed) files.  

If keeping tabs on what happens with your files after they’re sent is important to your business, join the waitlist to try LockDown free for 14 days

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