Usage Visibility

Immutable audit trails of file and user activity enable you to keep tabs on your data.

The Challenge

Most businesses use a “send and hope” strategy because their existing tools don’t keep their data secured or accounted for after it has been shared.

People put confidential information at risk every day, sacrificing security in favor of productivity. In most instances, after you have shared a file with someone, you have lost all control and visibility as to what happens with that information.


The Solution

In addition to providing unprecedented security, access and permission control, and privacy, LockDown provides you with ability to see who has viewed your data and when.

The immutable audit log keeps you informed on who viewed your file, how many times they view it and where your file is opened.

LockDown’s immutable audit logs are especially useful in regulated industries that must prove or disprove who has accessed sensitive data.

In some instances, LockDown has been able to prove that breaches have not occurred when information has been accidentally shared with an unauthorized party or a device has been compromised because businesses have confirmed that files were never accessed.

Need an audit trail?