You control who can access your documents and messages, and can revoke access at anytime.

Your Challenge

Today’s encryption tools help keep your data protected when they’re moving from point A to point B. What they don’t do, is keep your files protected once they’ve reached their “final” destination. Once you’ve shared a password to your encrypted file, the recipient can save or share your file and password with others, meaning you’ve completely lost control. If you decide you no longer want a person to view the file you sent, there’s nothing you can do to get it back.

The Solution

LockDown makes it easy for you to take complete control of your private messages and confidential files even after they have been shared. 80% of data breaches involve stolen or misused passwords. LockDown uses its proprietary scan-in technology instead of passwords, which prevents unauthorized access and file sharing. Once a file is shared on LockDown, the security persists, meaning your messages and files are always protected.


LockDown helps you take back your privacy by providing an easy way to communicate and send files, knowing that no one can see them except your intended recipient (not even LockDown can see your data).  

Solution Benefits


Persistent encryption safeguards confidential documents and private communication.


Expirations, watermarks and screenshot notifications ensure content remains private.


Encryption, powerful access controls, and detailed audit trails ensure compliance with regulations.


LockDown takes minutes to set up, is very intuitive and is completely passwordless.

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