Safeguard PHI that is stored or shared with others.

Maintain HIPAA compliance.

Your Challenge

Healthcare providers have a responsibility to protect patient data, as well as other confidential information and communication among internal teams and with external partners. There must be a balance between security, control, privacy and need for quick access and easy movement among care providers, insurers, partners and other affiliates.

Insider misuse is a major challenge for the healthcare industry as employees and practitioners are the predominant threat actors in data breaches. Sharing PHI through unencrypted email puts you at risk.


Maintaining HIPAA regulatory compliance is only the first step. A strong cyber security posture that layers sophisticated controls and privacy is critical.

The Solution

LockDown enables healthcare organizations to effectively secure and control PHI while at rest (stored), in motion (transmitted) and during use (after it has been shared with others). 

Documents containing sensitive information, as well as related communication, are encrypted, only accessible by authorized parties and remain secure on all devices. 


Real-time audit trails and access controls enhance security and reduce insider misuse of sensitive data.

Solution Benefits


Persistent encryption safeguards confidential documents and private communication.


Expirations, watermarks and screenshot notifications ensure content remains private.


Encryption, powerful access controls, and detailed audit trails ensure compliance with regulations.


LockDown takes minutes to set up, is very intuitive and is completely passwordless.

Types of Data we Protect

Healthcare Analytics

  • Claims & Cost Data

  • R&D Data, Clinical Data, Patient Behavior and Sentiment Data

Healthcare IT

  • Patient Care Data

  • Personal Health Information (PHI)

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) 

Doctors/Dentists Offices

  • Personal Health Information (PHI)

  • Patient Financial Information including Credit Card Industry (PCI) Data

Benefits Management & Insurance

  • Personal Health Information (PHI)

  • Claims Data

  • Patient Care Data

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