Ever sent something you wish you could take back?

Now you can message and share documents and pictures with complete privacy. Only you and your intended recipient can see your stuff, and you can take back anything sent, instantly!    

Take Back Your Privacy

Did you know that social media apps, email/messaging platforms, and cloud file storage providers can see your messages and files? Deep in their terms of service are clauses that effectively sign away your privacy.  

That's why we created LockDown. You should be able to communicate and share documents, spreadsheets, pictures and other files privately. Our easy to use app uses patented technology that empowers you to share with the confidence that only you and your intended recipients can see your stuff. 

Powerful control made easy.

Permanently erase messages and documents from all devices - including your recipient's devices.

Prohibit others from downloading, printing, forwarding, copying and pasting.

Watermark documents with your recipient’s name & phone number or a custom message.

Fiercely safeguard your most sensitive information.

 LockDown provides unprecedented control and security of sensitive information in a completely password-less environment. Since there are no passwords, there is nothing to share, steal, phish or mis-handle.


  • Each message and document is encrypted/decrypted with no user intervention.

  • Account sharing and unauthorized content access is prevented through proprietary technology. 

  • Screenshots are blocked (Windows PC and Android) or notifications are delivered (iOS).


With LockDown, businesses persistently control their data at all times, including after it has been shared with internals (e.g., employees) and externals (e.g., partners, vendors and customers).

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Always safe. Always private.

Your communication is entirely private. Since LockDown doesn’t host your keys, we can’t read your messages or attachments – and no one else can either.


8,192-bit encryption safeguards everything, everywhere.


LockDown security doesn’t just meet today’s needs – we’ve created an entirely new standard.

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LockDown gets to the root of the problem by securing the document itself and allowing companies to move away from policy or trust-based security of intellectual property.  

- Sean Henry, CISO, American Showa Inc.

Take back your privacy