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You can download LockDown mobile in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To get LockDown Desktop, head to our download page.

You can download LockDown Desktop here.

There are a few possible reasons why the SMS verification code was not received:

1. Poor cellular connection. Even if you have a strong WIFI connection, the cellular signal may be weak. Turn off WIFI to check your cellular signal.

2. Sometimes the SMS goes to your “Unknown Sender” message area.

3. Your phone’s spam settings may be blocking the SMS


Please try again later if you did not receive the SMS.

30 minutes. If you do not use the code within 30 minutes, please request a new code.

Yes! As a security measure, you’ll enter your PIN each time you use the app. You’ll need to re-enter your PIN after the app is inactive in the background for 15 minutes.

If you forget your PIN, you will need to use your Recovery (more on this below).

To confirm that you’re holding the phone associated with the number you entered. We do not store, share or sell your information.

Invite friends by selecting the add person icon in the top right hand corner of your app. If you allowed access to contacts, select “Invite” next to your friend’s names. Or, type in a phone number. You’re also able to invite friends by starting a Chat or adding them to a Vault.

A LockDown ID is your unique identifier on LockDown and your name in the LockDown system.

To provide you with the highest level of privacy and security, LockDown does not have your secret keys. This means it’s up to you to make a recovery document by printing your “Account Recovery” found in “Personal Details” on the “Settings” page.

Keep this document safe as you will need to scan the printed QR code on it to recover your account should you lose your phone or forget your PIN.

To provide you with the highest level of security and privacy, LockDown does not have user names or passwords for authentication.

Instead, you can use your phone to authenticate your identity to the LockDown Desktop app (available on Mac and Windows) with Scan-In.

Simply select “Scan-In” on your LockDown Phone App and scan the QR code displayed on the LockDown Desktop App. You can also use Scan-In to recover your account.


A Chat is a secure, private place to communicate with one or more people. Only you and the people with whom you are communicating can see the messages and files sent in the Chat.

Every person in the Chat has control over their own content, meaning they can delete their messages and files, as well as control what others can and can’t do with their files. 

Select “Create a Chat” and type in a name from your phone contacts, a LockDown ID, or a phone number.

If you start a Chat or Vault with someone who does not yet have a LockDown account, their invitation is pending until they get the LockDown mobile app and register.

One or more people you invited to the Chat are not yet registered on LockDown.

This button will allow you to remind them to join.

Press and hold on your message, then select “delete post from all devices” from the slide-up screen. Deletion is permanent and may not be reversed.

Press the clock icon near the bottom message window and select the expiration time. Once a message or file has expired, it cannot be retrieved.

Archiving a message temporarily removes it from the Chat. You may Unarchive messages anytime and they will reappear in the Chat.

Press and hold on your message, then select “archive message” from the slide-up screen.

While in the Chat or Vault thread, press and hold on the file, then select “View File Activity” from the slide up window to view the activity log. While viewing the file, press the activity log icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Up to 10,000 people!

To uphold the confidentiality of your conversations, users are not able to add or remove people from Chats.

If you would like the options to fluidly add/remove people, use a Vault instead.

When you leave a Chat, your posts are no longer accessible in the chat. They are gone forever because your posts are never stored on any device.

You may return to a chat at anytime, but your messages will not be restored.


A Vault is a secure place to store files and collaborate.

The Owner (creator) of a Vault can bring people in and out of the Vault, and controls permissions for all guests.

As a guest in a Vault, you are subject to the Owner’s permissions and cannot delete or control the content shared in that Vault.

The Owner is the person who created the Vault. They control access and permissions of all people in the Vault. 

A Guest is invited to a Vault by the Owner. The Guest may read everything in the Vault, and (if the Vault is not read-only) the guest can contribute messages and files with permissions settings as decided by the Owner.

Yes, you can add people to your Vault anytime. Anyone who is added to the Vault can see all messages in the Vault, including messages and files that were posted before they joined.

A person who is removed from the Vault will immediately lose all access to the Vault.

Yes, when you remove a person from your Vault they immediately lose all access. 

Press the clock icon near the bottom message window and select the expiration time. Once a message or file has expired, it cannot be retrieved.

The Vault owner can set permissions that apply to all people in the Vault. These permissions can be changed anytime.

The permissions are:

Prohibit File Export
By default, Guests may not take files out of a Vault. If a Vault Owner would like files to be exportable, they may allow file export in the Permissions settings. Warning: if file export is permitted, protections including watermarks, printing, forwarding and copying will not persist if/when a file(s) is exported.

Watermark with recipient’s name and phone
When your Guests open files in your Vault, their name and phone number will be watermarked on the file. This deters against creative capture of information (i.e. someone taking a picture of their screen). The Owner turn off this security feature.

Custom Watermark
Owners may create a Custom Watermark that will apply to all files in their Vault. NOTE: if you allow Guests to print your files, watermarks do not print.

Prohibit Print
By default, Guests may not print files. The Owner turn off this security feature.

Prohibit Copy/Paste
By default, Guests may not copy text from files. The Owner turn off this security feature.

Hide Member List
If the Owner does not want Guests to know who else is in the Vault, they may turn on this feature. NOTE: if Guests are allowed to post in the Vault, that person’s name will post with their message.

Member’s Can’t add content
Owners may turn off commenting for Guests. This makes the Vault “read-only”. Owners may distribute information without allowing a conversation.

No, permissions apply to all files in the Vault.

While in the Chat or Vault, press and hold on the file, then select “View File Activity” from the slide up window to view the activity log. While viewing the file, press the activity log icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Account Details

Free LockDown accounts allow for 500 MB of storage.

Currently, there is no message limit on free LockDown accounts, only a storage limit.

To get more storage on your account, delete messages, Chats, or Vaults. Or, contact us for pricing.


If you forget your PIN, open your LockDown app, select “Reset PIN” and then scan your Recovery Code.

If you did not print a Recovery, you will need to delete your app and register for a new account. In order to provide the highest level of security and privacy, LockDown does not have access to your Recovery and, therefore, cannot reset any accounts.

No. Your messages and files are stored in the cloud, encrypted, so no one, not even LockDown, can see them. They are also never stored on your phone or computer.

LockDown’s PIN security feature ensures that even if your phone is lost or stolen, your LockDown messages and files cannot be accessed.

Once you get a new phone, you can recover your account and start using LockDown again. The old phone never compromised your stuff, and you lost nothing.

After 15 minutes of inactivity, you will automatically be logged out. You can also hard close your app to manually log out.

Leave all chats and delete all vaults – this will completely destroy all files and messages that you control.

Then, uninstall the app and destroy your printed recovery.

NOTE: If you put messages or files in someone else’s vault you cannot destroy those posts.

No, LockDown does not use location services.

No, LockDown cannot view your contacts. By allowing access to contacts, it’s easier for you to invite your friends.

A phone number can only be associated with one account at a time. If someone claims your old phone number, the next time you log into LockDown, you will get a push notification and you will be prompted to either release the phone number or reclaim the phone number. If you try to reclaim it, you have to verify it via SMS code.

If someone claims your phone number and you release it, you will be required to verify a phone number before you are allowed to continue using LockDown.

Platform System Requirements Get LockDown

iOS 11.0 or later

For best screen optimization, use an iPhone 6 or newer.

iPhone Download

Min: Android 7.0 (API level 24)
Latest: Android 11 (API level 30)


Android Download

Windows 10 x64 or later


Windows Download
MacOS 64bit 10.12 (Sierra) or later  

MacOS Download



NOTE: LockDown is not currently available for iPad.


First, re-download the LockDown app, and select “Recover Account”. Then, scan your Recovery document (QR code).

If you did not print a Recovery document, you will need to create a new account.

No. Our QR code backup process is strict. In order to activate the Recovery QR code in our back end services, it must be printed directly from the phone or desktop app.

A screenshot, or a printed screenshot, does not work.

Download the LockDown Desktop app on your computer, scan into your LockDown account and print from the desktop app.

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