We built LockDown to provide you with the most secure app to message and share documents with others without sacrificing security, privacy or control.

LockDown’s encryption and key handling proprietary technology works automatically in the background, with no need to turn on settings. This provides the you with an easy-to-use, delightful experience while maintaining the security and control necessary in today’s digital world.

LockDown’s Superior Security

  • End-to-end encryption secures each Workspace, Chat and Direct Message.
  • Each message, photo and document is independently encrypted.
  • Data is never stored locally on any device.
  • All data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest. The cloud cannot read the data.
  • LockDown protects data while in-use by preventing screenshots on Windows and Android, and providing screenshot notifications on iPhone.
  • When access to a document, conversation, Workspace or an entire account is revoked, there is no residual data left behind on the device.
  • LockDown is made for business. Unlike other encrypted messaging apps that are designed for personal use, LockDown provides businesses with ownership of all of their content on the system. Built-in oversight and control ensures compliance to company policies and government regulations.


LockDown operates in zero-knowledge, which means no 3rd parties (including LockDown) can view your data. Only you and your intended recipients may view your data.

This means LockDown provides you and your business with the highest level of privacy.


Granular data enforcement ensures you do not have to trust the security practices or behaviors of others.

Instead of relying only on written agreements and blind trust, LockDown enables you to utilize powerful technology to enforce your policies and agreements – even on your recipient’s devices.


LockDown’s patented Atomization™️ encryption is a non-deterministic cryptographic bit splitting solution built to solve current and future encryption challenges.

Atomization encryption first uses FIPS 140-2 compliant AES 256 as a pre-step, meeting today’s industry standards and regulatory compliance, then overlays a proprietary non-deterministic cryptographic bit splitting algorithm.

Atomization™️ encryption keys are 8,192-bits.

Password-less Identity

LockDown’s novel approach to identity ensures that only your intended recipients can interact with your data. When you create an account in the LockDown smartphone app, your private digital identity is automatically created. Your digital identity (which contains your private keys) is used to encrypted/decrypt data and authenticate your identity to other devices.

If you would like to use your computer to communicate, you simply use your smartphone to “scan-in” to LockDown. This process, which is built upon patented technology, enables you to easily and quickly authenticate your identity without a password.