Protect and control your designs, formulas, business processes, costing, and other IP across the supply chain.

Your Challenge

A critical piece of any manufacturing operation is securing and controlling the flow of intellectual property (IP) internally and across your supply chains.

The most valuable IP for manufacturers is unstructured data, such as CAD files, source code, and formulas. Solutions exist for controlling data internally, but they do not secure and control data that leaves your company. 

When data is sent through today's encryption solutions, it is only protected from point A to B. Once your files reach their destination, they can be saved insecurely or shared with unintended recipients, such as competitors. Also, once you click "send," you cannot get them back. 

The Solution

LockDown protects unstructured data at the file level - enabling manufacturers to share data securely across their supply chain, internally and externally.

Automatically secure sensitive data by protecting every file with powerful encryption, then maintain complete control of who may access your confidential information.

Your messages and files always remain encrypted, even after they are shared and used by others. When the recipient no longer needs the file, you can revoke access, effectively erasing it from all of their devices. 

Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits


Persistent encryption safeguards confidential documents and private communication.


Expirations, watermarks and screenshot notifications ensure content remains private.


Encryption, powerful access controls, and detailed audit trails ensure compliance with regulations.


LockDown takes minutes to set up, is very intuitive and is completely passwordless.

Types of Data we Protect

Chemical/ Pharmaceutical

  • Formulas

  • Business Processes

  • Supplier Contracts

Aerospace/ Automotive

  • Design Specifications

  • CAD Drawings, Blueprints

Advanced Engineering

  • Source Code

  • Designs

  • R&D Data

  • Supplier Contracts

Contract Manufacturers

  • Customer IP

  • Component Lists

  • Business Processes

  • Customer Contacts

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