Account Positions &
Vault Roles

Business Account Positions

Every person in your business account is assigned to one of five distinct positions when they are on-boarded onto LockDown.

Each position has certain capabilities and permissions, as outlined below.

You may have as many people in each position as you like.


Top-level users who can view and manage everything

Owners have complete visibility over everything that is happening in their corporate account and may perform all actions (such as creating Vaults, contributing content and controlling access and permissions) but are not required to be hands-on in the system.


Hands-on users who control account access

The primary function of Admin(s) is to add/remove people as Managers, Members and Guests to the company account. Admins may create, moderate and contribute to Vaults, as well as handle billing and account administration.


Leaders who create Vaults and manage projects or teams

Managers can add/remove people as Members and Guests to the company account. They may also create, moderate, and contribute to Vaults.

Members & Guests

Collaborators from inside and/or outside your company

Members and guests may contribute to Vaults. They are not permitted to add people to the company account or to individual Vaults.

Administrators can clearly delineate between internal (“Members” – employees) or external (“Guests” – vendors, suppliers, customers) users.

Vault Roles

Each Vaults has three roles: Moderator, Contributor and Custom. Each roles’ capabilities are outlined below.

  • Moderators can:
    • contribute, archive and delete messages and files
    • view activity logs
    • control access (add/remove people in the Vault)
    • view and adjust Vault permissions
  • Contributors can:
    • contribute and archive messages and files
    • view activity logs
  • Custom is a special category that Moderators can use to assign custom Vault permissions. Custom contributors can:
    • contribute and archive messages and files
    • view activity logs

Owners are automatically included in every Vault as a Moderator.

The person who creates a Vault is automatically assigned the role of Moderator.

Members and Guests are not permitted to create Vaults. They may be added to a Vault a Moderator.

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