Your personal conversations remain private and secure

You are always in control of your messages. Set expiration times, create watermarks and restrict printing and downloading abilities. Erase your messages, files and photos off all devices - including your recipient's device - at any time.

Simply, I control whatever I send you and you control whatever you send me.

With Chats, you can Take Back Your Privacy™️.


Confidently share sensitive information among colleagues, with external partners and other companies

Unlike Chats, the Owner(s) or Manager(s) of the Workspace controls all messages, photos and documents.  Workspaces are great for when you have multiple people contributing. The Owner(s)/Manager(s) can add and remove members of the Workspace at any time.

Everything remains encrypted, private and entirely within your control, so you never rely on the IT security practices of others to safeguard what’s most valuable to you.

With Workspaces, you Never Concede Control™️.


LockDown is also available on your computer and tablet

The LockDown smartphone app is your key to the system.

Access Chats and Workspaces on your computer by simply using the Scan-in feature on your LockDown smartphone app. Scan-in replaces usernames or passwords, which makes authentication quick, easy and secure.


Delete your messages, photos and documents from your recipient's device at any time.


Expirations, watermarks and screenshot notifications ensure content remains private.


Persistent encryption safeguards messages, photos and documents.

Start sharing safely in minutes.