Messages and documents are secured when at rest, in transit and in use.

Patented 8,192-bit Atomization encryption

LockDown's patented Atomization™️ encryption is a non-deterministic cryptographic bit splitting solution built for the quantum computing era.

Atomization encryption first uses FIPS 140-2 compliant AES 256 as a pre-step, meeting today's industry standards and regulatory compliance, then overlays a proprietary non-deterministic cryptographic bit splitting algorithm.

The patented technology (U.S. Patents No. 9,292,700 and No. 9,842,217) provides unsurpassed data protection with an entirely passwordless experience by leveraging smartphones for both identity authentication and encryption key management.

LockDown operates in "zero-knowledge" by turning your phone into your private digital identity.

Leading-edge key handling technology ensures secure access and unprecedented control

LockDown's sophisticated key handling also employs our patented Atomization technology. Our novel key generation and key handling methods set new standards for both ensuring security and ease of use:

  • Our keys are massively larger than today’s industry standard key size – 8,192 bits compared to AES’s 256 bits.

  • With AES 256 and other similar encryption techniques, you have to supply a key (i.e., a password) in order to encrypt a file. Our keys are created for you every time you lock (or re-lock) a file. Every file lock creates a new, unique 8,192 bit key. We employ a one-time pad technique, with is the only provably unbreakable encryption algorithm, to make these keys safe to store and transport.

  • Our keys are managed by your smartphone, meaning you’ll never have to remember a password to access your sensitive data. These keys are used to prove your identity and automatically lock/unlock files under your control. 

  • Our key handling creates a zero-knowledge platform that can be centralized and deployed to public, private clouds or even enterprise data-centers.

LockDown's "Scan-in" identity authentication is fast, easy and much more secure than usernames and passwords.