Safeguard customer information and your intellectual property from insider threats and cyber-attacks.

Your Challenge

Technology companies accounted for over 68% of the total records breached in 2016 and are heavily targeted because they have and abundance of patentable technologies, personally identifiable information (PII), user credentials and other IP. A surge in user analytics from smartphones, wearables and IoT devices has led to an explosion of the amount of data that technology companies must protect.

The Solution

LockDown helps technology companies protect and control their intellectual property (IP) and customer data that is shared among employees, with external partners and other companies.

Secure sensitive data by protecting every file and message with powerful encryption, then maintain complete control of who may access your confidential information and of permissions, including whether they may print or copy data.

Messages and files always remain encrypted and within your control, even after they have been shared and used by others. By using LockDown, you demonstrate good governance and attention to data security.

Solution Benefits

Types of Data we Protect

Advanced Technology

  • R&D Data

  • Customer Contacts

  • IP / Patents


  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • Business Processes

  • IP / Patents


  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • Privacy Data

  • R&D Data

  • IP / Patents

Solution Benefits


Persistent encryption safeguards confidential documents and private communication.


Expirations, watermarks and screenshot notifications ensure content remains private.


Encryption, powerful access controls, and detailed audit trails ensure compliance with regulations.


LockDown takes minutes to set up, is very intuitive and is completely passwordless.

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