LockDown's passwordless system prevents unauthorized sharing while providing administrators with full control over documents.

Your Challenge

Sharing confidential data is unavoidable. Every day, we share important information with other parties, whether it’s personal or business related.  From your personal financials the bank needs for mortgage underwriting or confidential CAD drawings that must be sent to a vendor for materials, we are constantly sharing sensitive information.


The big challenge presents itself once you’ve shared your data with an intended recipient, you have no control if they choose to share your information or password with an unintended recipient.

The Solution

Leading-edge key handling technology works behind the scenes to ensure that only intended recipients may access your data and you can revoke access at any time. Data cannot be downloaded or shared with unauthorized parties. Activity logs let you keep close tabs on who is accessing your information


All messages and files shared within LockDown are automatically encrypted, meaning you never need to manually encrypt your data.


Once a file is in LockDown, the security persists wherever it is stored or shared - across networks, storage, endpoints or in the cloud.

Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits


Persistent encryption safeguards confidential documents and private communication.


Expirations, watermarks and screenshot notifications ensure content remains private.


Encryption, powerful access controls, and detailed audit trails ensure compliance with regulations.


LockDown takes minutes to set up, is very intuitive and is completely passwordless.

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